Zeek Package Documentation: External DNS

Package README

The top-level README has information on how to install and test this Zeek Package.

Package Index

For Zeek scripting details, such as options, functions and events, see the auto-generated documentation:

Script Index

This Zeek Package installs the following Zeek scripts:

Load Order

How scripts get loaded is non-trivial. A quick summary follows.

The following steps always happen, regardless of whether the plugin gets loaded or not.

  1. Zeek startup

  2. Plugin activation

  3. __preload__.zeek always gets loaded The preload mechanism is primarily for loading types, defined in types.zeek which the rest of the scripts depend on.

  4. __load__.zeek always gets loaded

If the plugin is explicitly loaded (@load NCSA/external_dns), the load process continues:

  1. NCSA/external_dns/__load__.zeek then loads the rest of the scripts.